Inspirational Images- By Me

  1. providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration.
    After our first photography class we were asked to display an array of inspirational images and explain how and why these particular images inspire us as individuals. For myself, I felt that images both I had taken and other photographers highly inspired me for a multitude of differing reasons.
    A few examples of my own personal photographs that have inspired me:
    IMG_0092 IMG_1557 IMG_1643 IMG_1644 IMG_2590IMG_4299 IMG_6008 IMG_6372
    IMG_6520Here is an example of a multitude of images that personally inspire me that I have taken myself. I feel that the images that vastly inspire me are images of travel and key landmarks in society. For my future photography project, I feel I would like to incorporate an element of key sights in society however, incorporate a slight twist to create a more interesting project.
Inspirational Images- By Me

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