Week one photographs- depth of field


During our week one task we were asked to work in pairs and asked to photograph selected subjects on campus to familiarise yourselves with the equipment. At the beginning the camera felt rather changeling to use however, as I adapted to the camera I felt my images became progressively stronger. We were taught the basic knowledge of ‘depth of field’ which is

  1. “Depth of field refers to the range of distance that appears acceptably sharp. It varies depending on camera type, aperture and focusing distance, although print size and viewing distance can also influence our perception of depth of field.”

Depth of field was an interesting concept to focus upon as it focuses upon a specific subject and blurs the rest of the background, this was an interesting concept as it allows me to focus upon an individual subject in my photographs and draw individuals eyes to a specific point. I feel i will use this concept in my own photography project.

Examples of my work…

DSC_9048 DSC_9047 DSC_9037 DSC_9036 DSC_9049 DSC_9050 DSC_9093 DSC_9094 DSC_9105 DSC_9102 DSC_9099 DSC_9096 DSC_9110 DSC_9114 DSC_9115 DSC_9116

Week one photographs- depth of field

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