Week One Readings

John Ingledew- Photography

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 14.35.04

What its about…

Ingledew’s article is interesting as it explains to individuals a basic introduction into the world of photography. It provides a basic introduction for specifically students who are interested in photography by exploring subjects/themes/areas that have always obsessed photographers. It also explains a multitude of photography skills simply. Ultimately, the article embraces the whole spectrum of photography from traditional to digital.

I found it particular interesting when he describes the power of photographs. How he explains that photography “offers the possibility of excitement and adventure”. He explains that photographs can be a remarkably powerful tool which can melt taboos, sway public opinion and even impact explosively on governments to cause real change. I think this is an extremely interesting concept and very powerful as I want my photography to send messages to individuals.

Week One Readings

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