An interesting Article

These creepy photographs log how America celebrated Halloween from 1875 to 1955, covering a period of time where the nation rebuilt itself after the Civil War and turned into a global superpower. The macabre images show families celebrating Halloween dressed in a variety of home made customs featuring the devil, ghouls and various creatures from the other world.Popular themes include devils, witches and animals.

Although this does not specifically relate to a theme I want to explore, this image stood out to me…

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 16.59.29I think this image is very interesting as the caption states, it shows the beginning of commercialisation in the 1960s. I feel that exploring commercialisation in my photography would be a very interesting concept, as done in the photograph above, as it allows individuals to to see how we are all disconnection ourself from reality and the true meaning of things and focusing upon buying. Not creating.

I would like to include the theme of commercialisation into my photography project.

An interesting Article

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