Photography ideas

We have been asked to produce a series of 6 to 8 digital photographs that investigate ideas of representation and identity of a cultural, social or political place (i.e. an individual, a community, a location etc.).

I am currently deciding what photography ideas I feel that I would like to explore in my project. I have had a multitude of ideas including:

  • exploring substance abuse (food, alcohol etc) – for this idea I would photograph substances in explicit and unlikely surrounding to reveal to individuals the domination certain substances can have on individuals and how it is constantly everywhere addicts go- my photography would reveal that there is no escape.
  • representing differing/contrasting emotions in influential places- I feel this would be an interesting concept as it follows the idea of ‘The Other’, it would explore how individuals do not all see thing in the same light, we do not all feel happy/sad/joyful/angry at the same things, everyone and everything is different. I feel that this concept would be very interesting as it allows the exploration of ‘the other’.
  • representing how commercialisation is taking over- I think this would be a very interesting way to explore photography as it the theme of commercialisation is extremely present in our society however, we often do not realise it. Phones, cameras, laptops etc. have all taken over and we do not even realise it.

I feel that all these concepts would be extremely interesting to explore however, I am undecided on which concept I feel would be most interesting and that I am most passionate about.

Photography ideas

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