Commercialisation: My Pitch.

“Commercialization or commercialisation is the process or cycle of introducing a new product or production method into the market.”

For my photography project, I have decided to focus upon the development of commercialisation in the 21st century. In society, technology is rapidly developing every single day and people have become obsessed with their technological devices rather than what is in front of them.

The 21st century has been said by definition as the ‘selfie era’, an era obsessed with consuming and sharing entertainment through their smart phones. Not only is it known as the selfie era, but phones have become an attachment of an individual, they are no longer seen as objects but as almost beings disconnecting individuals from reality and allowing them to Through my photography, I want to explore this notion by representing ways in which society disconnect themselves from reality, from the beauty of what is around them through technology.

I am taking identity and representation and exploring them through societies lack of identity as we surround ourselves with items in which we feel identify us, connect us and represent us however, ultimately disconnect us from the real world.

I thought this would be an extremely interesting concept to capture as it allows viewers to be able to see how as individuals, we are ultimately too engrossed in our own “world” to be able to see the beauty around us. We think we are connected but ultimately our technologies are disconnecting us.

To portray this concept, which represents a both physical and mental disconnection through commercialisation, my photography will exploit and focus upon what we do as individuals to really disconnect. As my test shots display, they are not posed for, they are natural shots which capture moments in reality which allow us to see not only our obsessions with technology but also the beauty we do not intake when engrossed in these technologies.

My project will attempt to evoke critical questions for viewers as they are faced with the question of how much they rely on their technology and do not in take what is surrounding them.

Commercialisation: My Pitch.

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