Why my project is important to explore

These article are interesting as they have allowed me to consider how my photography project could be very important. Both articles describes how obsessed our generation is with their phones and how individuals are unable to escape from their obsession. I want this concept to be explicit in my photography, I want it to allow individuals to step back and question themselves on whether they can be without their phones or not.



Through my project i will explore the fact that “We’ve created a co-dependency with technology. We check our phones when there’s no reason to, often saying, “I’m just checking the time,” as an excuse. Meanwhile, we forget that we just “checked the time” a minute ago.”

“Two out of five said they “would feel anxious, like part of me is missing,” if they couldn’t use their smartphones to stay connected. One in four people in Gen Y say they check their smartphones so much throughout the day they lose count”

Why my project is important to explore

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