Editing- My Images

For my photographs, I have edited exposure, contrast, saturation & effects (such as black & white) on photoshop. For my photographs, I have decided to stay away from overly edited or explicitly manipulated editing as I want my pictures to remain very raw and honest. I want them to explicitly demonstrate to viewers how we are obsessively engaged with our technology and cannot stay from it without any distractions.

My editing is not explicit, its not in your face, much like my images, they were created this way to allow us to realise how much our ’21st century obsession’ with technology has become a normality. Its not bizarre to look at these images individually however, as a whole, the 8 images should allow viewers to step back and realise how overly-indluged with our technology- my images will allow you to question- are you on the phone constantly? do you ignore the beauty around you to focus upon your technology? do you spend time on your phone rather than with your father? do you remember what that coffee tasted like that you spent 5 minutes photographing?

My images carry a somewhat ‘retro/vintage’ colouring through them with mixtures of faded, black & white and sepia effects. I feel that this also adds to my theme of ‘The 21st Century Obsession’ as it displays to viewers a contrast. It allows them to see that in the future, this is what images of our society will look like. If we are to look at an image from 50 years ago, the presence of technology would be a rarity however, in 50 years from now, these images will become ‘retro/vintage’ and others will look upon these. My editing decisions represent how our society will be portrayed in time to come.

Editing- My Images

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