Photography Ideas

At the moment I am trying to consider what photography ideas I feel would be appropriate and that I am passionate about. I feel that I want my photography project to explore a number of elements that capture the task of ‘a series of 6 to 8 digital photographs that investigate ideas of representation and identity of a cultural, social or political place’.

I am undecided whether I want my photography to literally represent a place of whether psychologically would be more interesting. I am possibly thinking of exploring individuals differing emotions or feeling in famous areas in Brighton. I feel this idea could be quite interesting as it plays upon the idea of Vernacular photography yet also on the theme of Bergers ‘Way Of Seeing’ as my photography could express how individuals all see things differently and while one may react happy/sad/joyful due to one place, this could be contradicting towards others emotions.

I think this concept, or a similar one could be very interesting to explore through photography.

Photography Ideas

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